Who We Are

Plastic Cards Manufacturers and Exporter

Plastic Card division

  • Large manufacturer of plastic pvc cards and services for Bangalore, Karnataka India
  • Manufacturer of plastic pvc cards for several national programs such as Aadhar Card program, Ration Card program, Ayushman Bharat Yojana cards and many more national and state programs
  • Largest manufacturer of Loyalty cards and programs for large multi national companies in India
  • Large volume pvc blank card manufacturer for custom thermal printing application
  • Advanced security card manufacturer for various applications such as gold coin cards, RFID cards, NFC cards, Smart cards, contact and contact less cards , chip cards etc
  • Rated as best and preferred exporter for plastic cards from India by several clientele located across the continent i.e. Middle East (Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Sharjah), Asia (Srilanka, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia), Europe (United Kingdom, Germany) and Africa (Cape Town).

RTLS solutions Division

  • Advance RTLS Product and Solutions company supporting clientele tracking and monitoring needs worldwide
  • We partner and create products and solutions with many advanced engineering design companies across the globe

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Business Verticals

Plastic Cards

We are a large scale Plastic PVC Card manufacturer in Bangalore India. Our products and service include manufacture of blank pvc card, preprinted plastic cards, Smart Cards, Chip Cards, Scratch Cards, Screen Printed Cards, Offset Printed Cards, Digital Printed Cards, loyalty cards, memory cards, id Cards, RFID cards, Proximity Cards, Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, Eco Cards, Discount Cards, Gift Cards, Key Tags / Hang Tags, Reward Cards, Matte Cards, Membership Cards, Metal Cards, Phone Cards, Shaped / Cut Out Cards, Transparent cards, Frosted Cards, NFC cards and many more.

Our plastic pvc card division services include loyalty programs, software integrations, embossing, tipping, encoding, chip milling and many other services.

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RTLS Solution

Real time location and indoor positioning systems can be accomplished using technologies such ultra-wide band (IR-UWB), Blue tooth , wi-fi and Rf Id.

The process deploys reliable and low cost monitoring and tracking of people, assets and heavy equipment. TWR (Two way Ranging) methodology and tri- lateration based on IEEE 802.15.4-2011 standard enable Real Time location services within few centimetres

The Real-time Location System are currently used across Factories, Industries, Smart Power Plant, Smart Chemical, Forklift Crash Prevention, Robot/UAV, Underground Space, Smart Sports, Smart Retail, Warehouses, Special Training, Automotives and many more sectors where intelligence of captured data can be capitalized for higher control, accountability and smart productivity

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We design and manufacture embedded computers for various computing applications. A wide range of sizes and performance options are available for custom computing applications. Systems are preconfigured with network connectivity, onboard diagnostics, and include an embedded software layer developed with security

We Support integration of input devices such as frame grabbers or camera interface cards, digital I/O modules and FPGA acceleration offload engines, features also include system level I/O ports, host bus adapters, rack mount, system memory

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Agumented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that takes the world around you and adds virtual content on top such that it looks like it's actually there in the real world. It gives advertisers and marketers an opportunity to create innovative campaigns that integrate the digital world of virtual reality into the real world.

With the dawn of smart phones, with better cameras, faster processors, greater network coverage and download speeds; Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has leaped into hands end consumers thru their mobile phones.

We design and develop technologies that assist our cliental to step into the future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality enhancing their product outlook and sales.

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Customized Products

Print on any surface, Build your custom gifts today.


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Blank Cards Manufacturer
ID Cards Manufacturer
Scratch Cards Manufacturer
Preprinted Cards Manufacturer
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