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Plastic Cards - Blank PVC Magnetic Stripe Cards

Blank PVC Magnetic stripe cards are high quality printable cards used for printing variable data or customized data upon a blank pvc card using a good quality thermal and encoding printer. Blank plastic mag stripe cards are fully customizable with the use of a desktop ID card printer or central issuance system.

Surface of these cards is even and flat ensuring flawless movement under the Thermal printer head (minimizing the risk of damage). Printing with vivid colors is possible through this technology. These cards are also known as Swipe Card or Magnetic Strip Card or Hi-Co Magnetic Stripe Cards or Magnetic Stripe Swipe Cards or magstripe cards or HiCo cards.

HiCo Magnetic Stripe is usually black in color and are encoded with a magnetic field of 4000 or 2750 Oersted (Oe). Blank cards at Plasto cards Pvt Ltd are manufactured with the finest quality and care and they comply with following conditions or characteristics as listed below

  • ISO - Compliant
  • High Durability
  • capable of printing in any card printers to name a few Evolis, Zebra, Fargo, Data card, Magic cards, Smart, Badgy and other ID Card Printers.
  • Long lifespan

The Magnetic stripe cards are ideal for applications where the cards will be frequently swiped or needs to have a long life, such as access control and/or time and attendance cards. High coercivity magnetic stripes store information more securely than low coercivity magnetic stripe cards because of the higher level of magnetic energy required to encode them. This also makes information on hico magnetic stripe cards harder to erase and more resistant to damage from magnets or magnetic fields. Composite magnetic stripe cards are designed for use in card printers with encoding capabilities.

Blank Plastic PVC Card Manufacturer

  • Blank PVC plastic cards with Glossy finish
  • ISO standard 760 micron PVC CR80 Plastic card
  • Printable on both sides
  • HiCo Magnetic Stripe
  • Trouble free customizable cards
  • Compatible with all card printing machines
  • Supplied in clean, dust free, antistatic packaging
  • Personalisation : Thermal Printing (Colour or Black)and Encoding
  • Packed in packs of 100's
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